Asterisk AMI Action: QueueStatus

Action: QueueStatus
[ActionID:] <value>
[Queue:] <value>
[Member:] <value>

Show queue status. 

Check the status of one or more queues.

    ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.
    Limit the response to the status of the specified queue.
    Limit the response to the status of the specified member.

[See Also]
Not available


[List Responses]

example event QueueParams:
Abandoned: "1280"
ActionID: "5a87d2ec"
Calls: "3"
Completed: "2844"
Event: "QueueParams"
Holdtime: "5"
Max: "0"
Queue: "450"
ServiceLevel: "60"
ServicelevelPerf: "99.8"
ServicelevelPerf2: "99.6"
Strategy: "leastrecent"
TalkTime: "4"
Weight: "0"
example event QueueMember:
ActionID: "5a87d2ec"
CallsTaken: "147"
Event: "QueueMember"
InCall: "1"
LastCall: "1565265679"
LastPause: "0"
Location: "Local/268@from-queue/n"
Membership: "static"
Name: "Киргуду Бамбармия"
Paused: "0"
PausedReason: ""
Penalty: "0"
Queue: "450"
StateInterface: "hint:268@ext-local"
Status: "2"
example QueueEntry
ActionID: "780b2ecb"
CallerIDName: "952xxxxxxx"
CallerIDNum: "952xxxxxxx"
Channel: "Local/952xxxxxxx@from-internal-0000a78e"
ConnectedLineName: "Киргуду Бамбармия"
ConnectedLineNum: "268"
Event: "QueueEntry"
Position: "1"
Priority: "0"
Queue: "450"
Uniqueid: "1565266324.129735"
Wait: "3"

[Final Response] None

Asterisk AMI Action: QueueSummary

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