Executes AGI on a hungup channel.


Executes an Asterisk Gateway Interface compliant program on a channel. AGI allows Asterisk to launch external programs written in any language to control a telephony channel, play audio, read DTMF digits, etc. by communicating with the AGI protocol on *stdin* and *stdout*. As of '1.6.0', this channel will not stop dialplan execution on hangup inside of this application. Dialplan execution will continue normally, even upon hangup until the AGI application signals a desire to stop (either by exiting or, in the case of a net script, by closing the connection). A locally executed AGI script will receive SIGHUP on hangup from the channel except when using DeadAGI. A fast AGI server will correspondingly receive a HANGUP inline with the command dialog. Both of theses signals may be disabled by setting the ${AGISIGHUP} channel variable to 'no' before executing the AGI application. Alternatively, if you would like the AGI application to exit immediately after a channel hangup is detected, set the ${AGIEXITONHANGUP} variable to 'yes'. Use the CLI command 'agi show commands' to list available agi commands. This application sets the following channel variable upon completion: ${AGISTATUS}: The status of the attempt to the run the AGI script text string, one of:





Not available

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