function 'ODBC'

Controls ODBC transaction properties.
The ODBC() function allows setting several properties to influence how a
connected database processes transactions.
    transaction - Gets or sets the active transaction ID.  If set, and
    the transaction ID does not exist and a <database name> is specified as
    an argument, it will be created.
    forcecommit - Controls whether a transaction will be automatically
    committed when the channel hangs up.  Defaults to false.  If a <transaction
    ID> is specified in the optional argument, the property will be applied
    to that ID, otherwise to the current active ID.
    isolation - Controls the data isolation on uncommitted transactions.
    May be one of the following: 'read_committed', 'read_uncommitted', 'r
    epeatable_read', or 'serializable'.  Defaults to the database setting
    in "res_odbc.conf" or 'read_committed' if not specified.  If a <transaction
    ID> is specified as an optional argument, it will be applied to that ID,
    otherwise the current active ID.

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