Get or Set a presence state.
The PRESENCE_STATE function can be used to retrieve the presence from any
presence provider. For example:
NoOp(SIP/mypeer has presence ${PRESENCE_STATE(SIP/mypeer,value)})
NoOp(Conference number 1234 has presence message ${PRESENCE_STATE(MeetMe
The PRESENCE_STATE function can also be used to set custom presence state
from the dialplan.  The 'CustomPresence:' prefix must be used. For example:
Set(PRESENCE_STATE(CustomPresence:lamp1)=away,temporary,Out to lunch)
Set(PRESENCE_STATE(CustomPresence:lamp2)=dnd,,Trying to get work done)
You can subscribe to the status of a custom presence state using a hint in
the dialplan:
exten => 1234,hint,CustomPresence:lamp1
The possible values for both uses of this function are:
not_set | unavailable | available | away | xa | chat | dnd
    The provider of the presence, such as 'CustomPresence'
    Which field of the presence state information is wanted.
    value: The current presence, such as 'away'
    subtype: Further information about the current presence
    message: A custom message that may indicate further details about
    the presence
    e: On Write - Use this option when the subtype and message provided
    are Base64 encoded. On Read - Retrieves message/subtype in Base64 encoded

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