function 'CURLOPT'

Set options for use with the CURL() function
  cookie         - Send cookie with request [none]
  conntimeout    - Number of seconds to wait for connection
  dnstimeout     - Number of seconds to wait for DNS response
  ftptext        - For FTP, force a text transfer (boolean)
  ftptimeout     - For FTP, the server response timeout
  header         - Retrieve header information (boolean)
  httptimeout    - Number of seconds to wait for HTTP response
  maxredirs      - Maximum number of redirects to follow
  proxy          - Hostname or IP to use as a proxy
  proxytype      - http, socks4, or socks5
  proxyport      - port number of the proxy
  proxyuserpwd   - A <user>:<pass> to use for authentication
  referer        - Referer URL to use for the request
  useragent      - UserAgent string to use
  userpwd        - A <user>:<pass> to use for authentication
  ssl_verifypeer - Whether to verify the peer certificate (boolean)
  hashcompat     - Result data will be compatible for use with HASH()
                 - if value is "legacy", will translate '+' to ' '
Not available

[See Also] Not available

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