Gets MiniVoicemail account information.
Not available
    Valid items are:
    path - Path to account mailbox (if account exists, otherwise temporary
    hasaccount - 1 is static Minivm account exists, 0 otherwise.
    fullname - Full name of account owner.
    email - Email address used for account.
    etemplate - Email template for account (default template if none
    is configured).
    ptemplate - Pager template for account (default template if none
    is configured).
    accountcode - Account code for the voicemail account.
    pincode - Pin code for voicemail account.
    timezone - Time zone for voicemail account.
    language - Language for voicemail account.
    <channel variable name> - Channel variable value (set in configuration
    for account).

[See Also] MinivmRecord(), MinivmGreet(), MinivmNotify(), MinivmDelete(), Asterisk app: MinivmAccMess(), MinivmMWI(), function 'MINIVMCOUNTER'

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